The largest bus company in Spain

Alsa is the largest bus company in Spain, the connections of the bus is very extensive than the rail system of Spain, it can get you to the remote town from any major cities in the country. It also has connections to other cities and countries in Europe specially the Iberian Peninsula and France.

It is actually cheaper to travel with Alsa than by Renfe (rail system of Spain) and you have two options here – the Alsa supra or the Alsa normal.

Alsa supra is 20 Euros more expensive than the normal BUT it is faster and only make stops once. It has its own toilet, the seats are wider – with tv screens, free headphones, radio, snacks and drinks 2x for the long journey with a bus attendant and pay attention to everyone’s needs.

Traveling with Alsa normal is of course cheaper and takes longer because it stops at middle size cities, no toilets, no snacks. But it’s almost the same as the supra minus the freebies.

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